i.15 Remix Culture.

Here is my remix

  1. The freedom & fear, the empowerment & risks, of Internet Culture.
    I find Americans need their freedom but also fear the unknown. The risks of the internet culture is what could give us problems in the future.
  2. Your thoughts about Copyright: is it working as is? Should it be strengthened, weakened, or modified?
    In most cases it is working fine as is, however I don’t work in the industry of copyright and artist are the ones that are affected by copyright more than the average person. I feel it should be strengthened and people should be given the correct recognition for their work.
  3. What license you’ve chosen for your work and why.
    I chose to license it as public domain. Since I borrowed a sample off of CC mixer and an Capella:
    1. Apoxode_-_Catalyst_Lochill_Rootloop_1
    2. scomber_-Why_Can_t_We(pella)
  4. Your experience of making your Remix piece. How did you do it? Did it come out as you expected? Were there surprises? Challenges? Insights?
    I just found an acapella with the same bpm as a sample that I thought would go together. Then added them into audacity replayed and edited it till they sounded alright to my ears. I’m not sure what to expect but I don’t think I would be able to put this remix out in public and gain any traction. I would love to learn how to make a legit mix. Possibly find a master class and learn something from it.


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