i7. Shocking Art!

Why did you choose this idea?

I chose this idea because I live in Los Angeles where liter is everywhere especially downtown. The problem gets bigger and bigger as people buy stuff and companies make more stuff. I don’t want my grandchildren to be affected by the actions of our generation and their grandchildren. Its not the fact that the animals are affected by it in the city directly, but when rain washes the sidewalks with trash get washed into storm drains during heavy rain they could end up in a body of water like the ocean and cause animals/ fish to choke or get entangled. I found a dead duck at the la river and thought how shocking it was to see since there was a lot of plastic and trash around the areas because homeless people live near the river. Its a waste of natural resources when we don’t recycle.

How successful do you think you were?

I think the images I found are pretty shocking and overlooked by our daily routines in life. This topic is not hard to find photo opportunities. It was easy to find images everywhere of trash and liter. I think the topic should not be taken lightly and my photos do show the lasting effects of liter.

What would you do different if you did it again?

If i were to do it again, I think I would try to think of another creative angle on the topic. I think the topic should highlight the effects rather than just trash on the street. Maybe I could do I beach cleanup or even a hike. Showing how the recycling center works.

What is another idea you might explore through “shocking art”?

Another idea, I thought about doing is showing how open and legal marijuana is now in California. I saw a few billboards on the freeway offering free weed delivery. Its not so shocking now but in the past weed was a lot more frowned upon. It has helped many medical conditions for patients or even spiritually lifted certain people. I think certain people shouldn’t pick up the habit but must people do benefit from marijuana use.


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