EC: The Broad Art Museum

Artist: Yayoi Kusama Japan, 1929
Title: Longing for Eternity, 2017
Mirrored box and LED lights

We were only given about 45 seconds to soak in this artwork up close. I had never experienced this type of artwork. Since there was only a peephole in the box there were many geometric shapes inside. Dots of led mirrored made the small footprint of a box to look infinite. It reminded me of those carnival fun house mirror rooms. The colors changed uni formally which made the room feel like it had a mood of its own. I personally liked the brighter colors. It felt like i was looking into a different dimension in a sci-fi movie.

Artist : Kara Walker United States, 1969
Title: African’t , 1996
Cut paper on wall

The painting looked nearly life size where it depicts the history of black and whites, men, women, and children in pre-Civil War scenes of degradation, sex and violence. I thought this was a Shocking piece of art which showed the nasty side of American history. I felt terror and bad times in the artwork. The black silhouettes gave me a vibe of flashes of terror and extreme violence. Although it almost looked cartoon like I felt the realism of the events.

Artist: Andy Warhol United States, 1978-1987
Rorschach, 1984 Acrylic on canvas

This artwork was big, I had to step back to actually look at every part of the piece. The shapes were very symmetrically. The top middle felt like a face but the sides reminded me of lungs or some kind of organ. Parts of this piece felt like death to me which may be a fear for most. I believe this test was used for psyche patients to see if what they saw was crazy or not. It was kind of disturbing to look at because of the black and white. It felt like something out of a horror film. This definitely was so large that I got a visceral gut reaction when standing near it.

Green Relief with Blue, 2011

Artist: Ellsworth Kelly
United States, 1923-2015
Title: Green Relief with Blue, 2011
Oil on canvas, two joined panels

All Kelly’s works were very simple and shapes with bold colors. This one looked like a piece of the green earth globe we live on. It reminds me of peace and nature. Although it was abstract, I could connect with the colors she chose and shapes.


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