EC: Grand Central Market

I took my date to the Grand Central Market to grab a bite to eat and chat. We first made a round to see what restaurants were there to pick from. I was still on a strict carnivore diet of no carbs for a month so i looked hard for just a spot with protein. My date decided on the prawns restaurant for some clam chowder bread bowl. The bread bowl both looked and smelled amazing. I, on the other hand got some Cabeza(cow head) by the pound and immediately regretted not getting some tortillas with it. I only took about 3 bites of my meal, when i decided I was just going to cheat today and get some fried chicken from the restaurant, Lucky Chicken. The Fried chicken was seasoned with a lemon peppery batter. It came with some really good biscuits that i shared with my date since she loved biscuits.

Looking up at the ceiling, it had this old warehouse vibe to the place. Walking around, there was a candy store, merchandise store with a homage to Kobe and Gigi, a big painted mural of Kobe winning a championship with the number 24, and a Filipino fusion barbecue spot. It just felt like a really big food court with a mixture of different hipster foods. The tables were metal with what felt like aluminum chairs. The crowd was loud maybe because of the bars that served alcohol. Right next to the friend chicken spot was a Mexican juice spot that served many different flavors of juices. They had mangoes, pineapples, apples, bananas, almost any fruit you can imagine. The meat deli had big cuts of meat on display.

I would definitely come here again, not sure how often since the price of food their was pretty steep. I liked how busy it was and it made the food enjoyable knowing I was trying something new. The only place I had been or seen prior was the breakfast spot, Eggslut. I would have to try another spot next time i come here because the Fried chicken was good.


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