EC: Disney Hall

The Disney Hall Cardiff and Miller tour around inside and outside of the concert hall is a hidden gem. The cat in the sign was very scary because of her subtle appearances throughout the tour. The tour felt like an augmented reality of the empty physical space each location it took us to. The woman’s narration and voice was very creepy but helped us visualize and feel what she was describing. It was like the rooms/locations came to life as she narrated.

The curvy floors were sprinkled musicians throughout the area. They played music all along the empty space which filled the room with either drama or happiness. This part had the shrieking Violin that causes suspense. I kept thinking that the cat would pop up on the iPad unannounced. I didn’t realize you could lower the volume of the iPad and I had mine at full blast so whenever the cat appeared I would jump.

This part of the tour we watched two workers take a break from putting away the chairs and tables. They danced in the hall all by themselves as if no one was watching. It was funny to watch and the room felt like it was more than just a open room for orchestra. It felt awkward watching two workers dance since it looked so informal and natural.

The tour guide took us outside to check out the building itself. It was very oddly shaped, high, reflective. It looked very modern and engineered to look very futuristic. The tour guide led us upstairs to look and feel this porcelain flower. We felt the flower as the cracks were combined with shattered china. There was a part in the flower with an old wooden ship which I tried to find but there were so many designs on the flower it was near impossible to find. There were only a few cents found in the piece.

The Disney hall tour was a worthy activity, I thought the iPad visual, and the audio was very clever. It made the whole tour fun to immerse myself into. Glad I got the chance to visit and learn about the building.


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