Artist Conversation #3

Artist: Destiny Randall
Exhibition: BFA Fiber Solo Exhibition
Media: FIBER with Photography/Videography
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Warby Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

I. About the Artist

Destiny Randall is in the BFA undergraduate program in FIBER. Her interest started in just Fiber and branched out to do her senior project which was the one I was lucky enough to visit. She made the scarf herself and video recorded and had a friend help her with the photography. She enjoys exploring the fiber lens depriving the audience of the visual art which the video shows the real work being done. There was plenty of texture in her grey scarf and makeup.

II. Formal Analysis

I found the art to have realism in lines and shapes. The colors were vibrant with plenty of realistic textures since it was a real photo. The scale of the pictures were big and I had to step back to enjoy all of the photos along with the video played on the other side of the room. Every photo had vivid primary colors. Without one photo the gallery would not be complete and tell the entire story. So the gallery has to be viewed entirely as a whole or with the video. The video offered some audio of the realism captured when posting stuff on social media.

III. Content Analysis

The artwork is to show the nasty side of social media and how social media can be manipulative. Which aligns with the topic of beauty we have been talking about. She thought about how the process of making Instagram posts is way different than what the actual post looks like. The poses she chose were very unpopular and unconventional to what normally shows up on a social media feed. The grey scarf she wore is why is decided the Fiber major. I finally understood what she meant by talking with her about her view on social media.

VI. Synthesis / My Experience

Last year, for one of my writing classes we did a screen-based device cleanse for an entire month. I felt rejuvenated after the month. The first week was tough feeling naked without my phone. I was able to sleep better at night since I wasn’t looking at a screen right before bed. I picked up a book to read rather than go on Instagram. As far as school work, I learned that academically I was more creative without the social media cluttering my mind. When i looked at her art, i felt the negative associations Destiny portrayed and sometimes we look past those associations.


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