i7. Counterfactual Identity

  • Describe what you tried to do
    I tried to wear brighter clothes since most of my wardrobe is dark. Since, I’m a stem computer science major, we get the stereotype of being very bland and uncreative. I decided to ask a few other random students on the first floor library where the computer lab is.
  • What were their reactions to you? What did they think your name was? Your major? Did you find them responding to you differently than people ordinarily do?
    One student thought I was an English major and another one thought I was a theater major. The bright clothes did work to make me seem more creative. However, another student said I was either biology/math/engineering just because I am Asian. The names people came up with with my new persona were: Marc, Fred, and Steve. I felt like they were sensitive on hurting my feelings and getting the questions wrong.
  • Your conclusions about the experience.
    The sensible beauty can hide truth of what major I really am. However, there are still racial stereotypes with academic majors , which I think that would be near impossible to mask what ethnicity I am. Even though i still got Engineering with one of the test subjects I think majority still thought I was in the bachelor of arts program on campus.

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