EC: Biddy Mason Memorial

We actually entered the wrong side of the Biddy Mason memorial, from the food court in front. I started reading the wall without looking to see the dates on top of the walls. I didn’t know it was a timeline with events of her life. So, I walked the other way to reread the events. We constantly hear about Harriet Tubman a brave and bold black woman who freed and lead slaves to freedom with the help of the big dipper. I had not heard about Grandma Mason and I’m thankful to have learned about such an extraordinary woman.

She basically learned healthcare for mothers and newborns. What a selfless act!

I had not even thought of the word slave in awhile since, living in America. I’m thankful for what has been banned in the past. However, there are still slavery in this world and I have seen countless documentaries from Mexico to parts of rural China. Biddy endured such a tough time and still came through with accomplishments in life. We take life for granted when it comes to just doing what we are told and not going above and beyond.

This was a mural right by the elevators. The painting was painted by a team of Sheila Levrant de Brettevilla, Donna Graves, Dolores Hayden, Susan King, and Betye Saat. It looks like a snapshot of the 1800s. It felt like i time traveled for a split second to see the people dressed a certain way. The wooden fence and planked house looked very old.


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