EC: Bradbury

The Bradbury Building was built in 1893. It is a five-story office building known for its old style elevators with ironwork. We were only allowed on a few spots of the building. It felt like the hotel scene where John Wick checks into the continental. The building felt very large but cluttered with staircases and railings. I wondered what offices were rented and at what price were they at.

Apparently the first original Blade Runner movie was represented in the movie. I had never watched this movie and have just put this movie on my old movie list to watch. I did not see the rebooted newer movie either and plan to watch the original first before it.

This mailbox was very old looking and reminded me of something out of a Harry Potter movie. What a relic! It looked extremely sturdy and boxy. The brick walls gave the building a Chicago look.

This last view is the entrance to the building where all the stairs were pretty much roped off along with the elevator unfortunately. I wanted to check out the elevator since I saw pictures online of them. They looked like the old elevators in old movies or TV shows like the twilight zone. The whole place felt like I was at the tower of terror at Disneyland minus the Churro stands right outside the building.


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