i10. Drawing and Your Brain!

  • For the first activity, I really only venture around the Engineering building so i focused all my memory on trying to figure out the campus from this past semester. I kind of miss the campus now that I remembered it. Just walking to and from my classes and labs. The human interaction which was not that much was still nice.
  • I really hope this covid-19 virus doesn’t spread too rapidly and we contain the virus soon. I also hope everyone graduates or finishes this semester soon. We all need to buckle down and finish strong.
  • We washed both of our hands thoroughly before conducting the spiral drawing. So no germs were transferred between us. It was different and at first my partner just started swirling furiously and I just let her drive since I always drive her around. We both laughed when we opened our eyes and the page looked plain. It was different then drawing on my own. I didn’t like the campus picture drawing as much. I don’t have much art stuff so we decided to use my colorful highlighter pens to play with.
  • The results of both photos, really just shows I’m not made to be an artist. I’m glad I get to try and experience some of these activities since I would never even think to do any of these activities. They help pass some time with this corona quarantine lock down. I’m glad we still have some activities to accomplish to keep me entertained.

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