Artist Conversation # 4

Artist: Masha Soroudi
Exhibition: Natures Cadence
Media: Visual Communication
Gallery: Azad Art and Architecture University, Tehran 2006

I. About the Artist

Marsha Soroudi is a graduate that studied Visual Communication Artist who is interested in thought provoking her interdisciplinary topics to meaningless exhibitions. She talked about how many local exhibits like garages she wishes to explore but haven’t had time to. Also, in addition to community with contemporary artists she is concerned about the unseen art of local artists in absence of fair exposures. She was born into a Muslim family who traveled a lot through Asian countries (Malaysia) to learn their cultures. Married and then left for a week to communicated away from Iran and experience cultures, education and lifestyle. This time away didn’t close any doors for her in her field. She is currently in Newport Beach, Ca.

II. Formal Analysis

I chose Mountain lake in her photography. They were both colorful and vivid also a tint of warm. The photograph is really sharp with mountains as shapes and the dark clouds on top. You could see the wavy lines of the rippled lake. I had to zoom in to get the visceral gut reaction. The landscape is pretty big and wide.

III. Content Analysis

Sorodi ideas of immigrating from one new environment to another requires the traveler to learn about the new environment. She moved out of Iran with her husband to obtain better education, learn new things and get better opportunities. By identifying the replantation of ornamental plants and adapting to her new environment, she explores some gloomy feeling of leaving her country. Her plants taught her to remain strong and beautiful and to stay grounded rooted to adapt to her new home.

VI. Synthesis / My Experience

I can feel how immigration could be related to at home school instruction now because of this quarantine and 6 feet social distancing our country is experiencing. I found that I should find new ways to experience and learn the same way or maybe even better than at a university campus instruction. I also found new ways to exercise because I feel is essential to my physical, mental well being. We all need to come together as a community not just on our electronic devices but as humans to restore what has caused this quarantine. In some ways I find some of my neighbors being more friendly with the scare of life being temporary. I’m very fortunate to have a home, food, and some toilet paper(not a lot). But to be alive in general is amazing! Let’s all stay “planted” and learn from this experience because it is just an obstacle in our timeline!


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