Artist Conversation # 5

Work/ Artist: Sushi Rolls/ Sienna Browne
Exhibition: Product Of The Palette Solo Exhibition
Media: Drawing and Painting BFA Program
Gallery: Black Umbrella Tattoo and Art Gallery
Instagram: siennabrowneart

I. About the Artist

Sienna Browne is a beach lifeguard, middle school youth leader at Rock harbor Church, and also an Instructional Student Assistant for the art department at CSULB. In her work she displays her journey in art from start to present in her art career. She wants to bridge her life experiences and her growth through all of the work. She channels emotions associated with diet culture and western consumer culture. Her life in the Orange County with an eating disorder is a big topic in her early life.

II. Formal Analysis

I chose her “Sushi Rolls” acrylic painting, that is a 16″ by 20″
painting. Although, I don’t get to see the physical work since its an old exhibit, I imagine the artwork to be large with Shapes, textures, vivid, Staccato, muted pastel colors, and not black-white. I wouldn’t say this artwork was so big that it gave you the visceral gut reaction up close. The rolls of sushi and expression on the persons face is comical to me. I like how the eyes look worried looking up at the sushi. The folds on his forehead shows angst.

III. Content Analysis

In class, she went over all the food related artworks which was really related to her eating disorder. It was a serious problem and wanted her artwork to symbolize the path she walked fighting against it. Browne’s practice to overcome any obstacle in life with tough times but preserved to create some beautiful sculptures and paintings. On both ends of the spectrum her works either looked super attractive or disgusting to look at. More like shocking art in a disgusting way. She explored the ideas of “leting go” instead of dwelling on the past, invest on your future.

VI. Synthesis / My Experience

I’ve never had an eating disorder. I feel like a lot of women in my life do go through that rough patch because of how our media displays women. However, I’ve had a rough times where I wanted to change my appearance because of how I felt when kids bullied me in my elementary school. I’m glad she learned to cope with her flaws and experience something to make her stronger in life. I feel like the bullying has made me a better person. It has definitely made me humble and a more compassionate person. I wouldn’t wish the experience of this to happen to everyone but I do think we should all try to face our obstacles in life in a positive way and just know its just a hurdle in our life. Life isn’t perfect and the challenges we face day in and day out are temporary but memorable!


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