i11. Vlogging

Questions 4 Your Blog Post

  1. What was your goal with your video?
    My goal for the video was just to give a glimpse of a drive thru food pick up run with my dog. To express the importance of wearing a mask and let people in on how the food is at the shaq’s location.
  2. Did you accomplish your goal? Why? Or why not?
    I don’t think I did a good job because I feel like i just don’t have the talent to speak in front of a camera. I just need to
  3. What would you do differently next time?
    I would probably just try a different angle and maybe film with better equipment and try to plan out the topic at hand.
  4. Do you think you’ll ever vlog again?
    I feel like vloging is not for everyone, and I don’t think I’m the type of person interesting enough to become a “vlogger”.
  5. Who is your favorite YouTuber? (not counting heyit’smay, Emma Chamberlain, Natalie Tran, or any of the YouTubers on this page)
    I like MKBHD, he doesn’t really vlog but he does tech unboxing videos and reviews.
  6. What about their work appeals to you?
    I don’t enjoy the work but it seems like a great way for people to learn to talk.
  7. What lessons can you take from their work to apply to your own vlogging?
    It could help my work with communication skills and teaching others how to do tasks in computer science.
  8. What is Authenticity?
    The realness in a work that comes across as geniuine.
  9. What is Performance?
    The performance would be like lighting, camera quality, or even structure of the work.
  10. Are Authenticity and Performance opposites? Or can they exist together? Explain!
    They sound like opposites to me since watching the daily show the show seems a lot more authentic these days since they are filming from home with a less expensive camera. However, the structure is still there and the humor.
  11. Below are 2 clips of Jennifer Aniston on the Jimmy Kimmel show – one in the studio and one from home during the corona virus pandemic. Do you think either clip is more authentic? Is either more performative? Why or why not?
    The first clip is definitely less authentic and feels way more scripted. The crowd also makes it less authentic with the laughs and claps. The last clip is definitely more authentic with the face timing call quality. They both have less make up on or no make up on.

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