i.12 Virtual Art Gallery

For this weeks blog post i visited 3 different virtual worlds to find some flavor for my Artist Activity.

The theme for my art gallery is fantasy and escapism from realism. All the virtual worlds I visited had the same unreal aspect of ways to escape reality online. I realize that’s mostly the purpose of virtual reality however, everything I visited was more far fetched than others.

Second Life – Glens World

Dome rectangle
Mushroom from the side

The first world I unraveled was with our Art 110 class we discovered a dj set up first then continued to explore and island filled with shapes and objects that were built by my class mates. The idea of teleportion was fantasy like and magical. I focused on the island to explore the giant pyramid that was hard to look at up close. The sand was wavy and the water was also wavy.

Habbo Hotel – West World high

WestWorld High
Close up of cafeteria
School Clothing Store

West World high would be an awesome campus to attend if we were ever done with this quarantine. The entire campus is one giant room with different quadrants of cafeterias to science labs and even a clothing store. The artist really put a lot of effort to make the place look diverse and sociable. Everyone had on different outfits. Some avatars looked out of this world and most looked real but the mass number of students crammed into every space was so unreal.

Minecraft: PirateCraft Server

Preview(opens in a new tab)

The last world i joined was on a Minecraft server. This was interesting. I enjoyed the big pirate ship and very detailed beaches. The pixels were mosaic and very vibrant. I was able to mine and build blocks of stuff on my own. Although there were some unreal aspects, you could still drown from not swimming up to breath. You could however swim as far as you want as long as your thumb didn’t get tired of pressing space bar over and over again. I like the way you used wasd to move and mouse to look around like an fps.


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