i.13 Sustainable Art


  • What was your idea?
  • A: to re purpose an old white t shirt. To give a shot at women’s work activity since I wasn’t able to go to the Hollywood stars and clean it. Learning to hand sew since I don’t have a sewing machine or anything fancy.
  • What materials did you choose?
  • A: my old white t-shirt and an elastic headband from my wife. My mother in law’s old sewing kit in her cookie container.
  • Do you think your piece was able to express your idea?
  • A: Yes, I think these photographs show the time it took to sew a small fabric together to make a mask. I feel like we have gone out of touch with how labor feels and should appreciate the clothes we buy and support smaller businesses with local handcrafted goods.
  • How did your choice of materials influence the experience of your artwork?
    The materials show how we should try to re purpose things around our house rather than just throw it away or leave it in the closet. That t shirt was probably in my closet for a long time.
  • How long should a kiss last?
  • pre pandemic : less than a minute? during the pandemic: 0 seconds.
  • How long should a great meal last?
  • A: as fast a person can eat it but still enjoy it.
  • How long should a work of art last?
  • A: as long as the artist desires. could be infinitely in my head.
  • How long should a marriage last?
  • A: until death parts the couple.
  • How long should a human life last?
  • A: until it is over?
  • Does the fact that some things, like ephemeral artworks and human lives, have a finite time and then are gone make a difference in the way we experience them?
  • A: Yes, the fact that we know it won’t last forever, we cherish and value the objects. If there is no scalable quantity of an object then we will take it for granted.
  • Should other things, like clean water, air, and land be sustainable and long lasting?
  • A: Yes, it should be since we are always trying to push the boundaries and age of human life. Learning to be less selfish and wasteful is a good moral. I think everyone should try to appreciate everything they own.
  • Can one person, like you, make a difference in a global problem like Climate Change?
  • A: yes one person, can help contribute by just leading by example. If more people trend to recycle and reuse by giving a sound reason to we would have a healthier planet.

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